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Appearing of Vitayu™

This brand name has roots in Ukrainian history and closely relates to Ukraine where our Company locates.
VITAYU means “greetings” in Ukrainian, a word which is spoken upon meeting as a welcoming phrase.
However, actual meaning of the word is to wish health. Like “long life!”,
it has been used since long ago, being an expression of respect and wish of health and longevity.

Formative years

Initially our Company presented its oil to the Ukrainian consumers.
Nowadays, it is sold in 117 countries all over the world. We are one of
the leading exporters of sunflower oil. Now production of sunflower oil in
Ukraine involves 90 000 employees. We produce both the refined and the
crude sunflower oil

Seed processing

Quality of sunflower oil depends on quality of
sunflower seeds being processed, terms and conditions of seed storage before crushing.
Key qualitative characteristics of our sunflower seeds are
oil content, wet content and ripening time. Oil content depends on sunflower cultivar,
and how warm and sunny summer is. The higher oil content, the more oil.
Optimum wet content of our seeds to be processed, is 6 %.

Crushing (production) of sunflower oil

There are two methods to receive oil from sunflower seeds meal – by crushing and by extraction. Oilseed crushing is more ecological method. Oilseed crushing performance depends on pressure, viscosity and density of oil, meal layer thickness, crushing duration and other factors. Oil racy flavour after hot crushing reminds of fried sunflower seeds. And sunflower oil of cold crushing is produced from meal without heating. The main advantage of such oil is that it contains majority of useful elements: antioxidants, vitamins, lecithin.

Our advantage – maximal content of useful elements

Sunflower oil refining

The oil being refined has almost no colour, taste and odour. Its nutrition value is in minimal presence of essential fatty acids (in particular, linolic and linolenic acids), which are called vitamin F. This vitamin controls hormone synthesis and immune system. It provides strength and flexibility of blood vessels, reduces sensitivity of the human body to ultraviolet rays and radioactive emission, controls retraction of unstriated muscles, and does many other vital functions.

Our oil today

Sunflower oil goes to counters as the following products:
The refined and the crude sunflower oil (oilseed crushing).
We produce the most useful for your health only

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