Sunflower oil – benefits inside

Sunflower oil provides no small number of benefits. Why? It features high tasty characteristics and exceeds other oils by nutrition and digestibility. Sunflower oil contains elements essential for the human body as well as vitamin A, D, E and F complexes. Advantage of oils over fats is that unsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6), which oils contain, [...]


Which of oils is more useful?

There are two types of sunflower oil: the refined one and the crude one. The crude oil is more useful, it is digested better. However, it is not recommended to fry using the crude oil because some toxic combinations appear a [...]


Sunflower benefits for your beauty

Cosmetic packs from sunflower oil are applied to remove skin dryness. In particular, it is recommended to make such packs from sunflower oil in winter. Few people know that sunflower oil contains more vitamin E, than olive oil by as much as twelve [...]


Health benefits of the crude oil

Cold crushing in sunflower oil production process endows it with a great number of health properties for the human body, enabling it to be used in traditional medicine, in cosmetology and, of course, in culinary. Its regular intake recovers central nervous system performance, normalises metabolic processes, clears liver and improves digestion. Such a product positively influences [...]

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