Vitayu™ oil

VITAYU™ oil is produced on the most up-to-date equipment in the ecologically clean region in Ukraine.

Our advantages:

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Without GMO
  • Without preserving agents
  • Premium quality
  • It contains vitamin A, D, E and F complexes and unsaturated fatty acids
  • It complies with GB Standards of China, Quality management system ISO 9001:2009, ISO 22000:2007
  • It is useful for all the family

Our product benefits

Unsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6), which this oil contains, help your
brain to work, they participate as a mandatory component in forming of cell membranes
and Schwann sheaths. They have the ability to remove cholesterol, to produce some normalizing
effect on vessel walls, and they, in particular, are the best allies to fight
atherosclerosis which is the most frequent reason of heart diseases and strokes.

Our ecologically clean packing
preserves all benefits of the product

We are constantly improving packing for our food products based on our
consumers’ needs and preferences. Upon choosing our products, you can be
sure in ecologically clean packing origin and proper storage of food
products in the liquid state. Our packing is thicker than usual, that
permits to preserve all benefits of the oil.

We apply high standards
to storage conditions at delivering

We use the best management and technology methods
to provide you for the fine oil all around the world. We store our oil in the
darkened premises at +8 to +20 oC and relative humidity 75%, which is maintained
and controlled during transportation.

Out new product

VITAYU™ refined and crude oil has a great dietic value. Consuming sunflower oil, one can be entirely sure that due to the unique composition of healthful elements of this product vegetable fat will not be accumulated in the human body, quite the opposite, this oil helps to control fat balance in the body.

Oil composition

Content per 100 g of the
Protein, g Fat, g Carbohydrate, g Energy content, kcal
Refined sunflower oil 0,00 99,90 0,00 899,00

Guarantee of quality and usefulness

We guarantee that regular and measured intake of sunflower oil promotes haemocathartic process. They also use this natural and useful oil for nutrition of very little children, starting from the seventh month by adding it to various vegetable purées.
We use only:

Ecologically clean raw material

The most up-to-date equipment

Packing that preserves all benefits for you health and longevity

  • Vitayu sunflower oil

    100% натуральный продукт

    For cooking meals which do not require any additional flavouring or fragrant agents to avoid spoiling the main tune; for frying, baking and any other heating process


    1,8 – 5 литров


We put our heart and soul to improve taste
of your favourite meals and take care of our health

We treat our brand as some personification of our unique advantages and always represent it in the way
“from the field to the dining table”. We use our unique know-how and experience to cultivate and select the best crops from prolific fields for our products.
We produce the best for You!
Be healthy!

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